16 March 2010


I am not a clothing hoarder.* I do have my fair share of huge t-shirts, ragged cut-offs and sweatpants that do not make it into my regular rotation. Generally, I am not afraid to admit when I simply do not use an item. I try to donate an item when I buy something new to keep inventory low. As a result, I mostly wear the same things over and over with a few (temporary) items to mix it up.

This belt is a different story. The first (and only) time I wore it, I was 16. I hooked it over a velvet mini-dress, patterned tights and black cowboy boots. I have been hauling it around with me ever since. Every time I pack for a move, I look at it closely, examine its dimensions... I just can't give it away. So I give myself an ultimatum: Wear it NOW or it has to go. So in an effort to justify it staying in my closet...

The Lion Head Belt Outfit

red plaid shirt: "the past"
black cardigan: thrifted Benetton
"trouser jeans": Mossimo/Target
black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction
lion head belt: thrifted
clear blue glasses: Zenni Optical

*note: I did not include "shoes" in this discussion.


  1. never give that belt up, lady! it's awesome!

  2. when are you going to update this site GABBY?


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