16 March 2010


I am not a clothing hoarder.* I do have my fair share of huge t-shirts, ragged cut-offs and sweatpants that do not make it into my regular rotation. Generally, I am not afraid to admit when I simply do not use an item. I try to donate an item when I buy something new to keep inventory low. As a result, I mostly wear the same things over and over with a few (temporary) items to mix it up.

This belt is a different story. The first (and only) time I wore it, I was 16. I hooked it over a velvet mini-dress, patterned tights and black cowboy boots. I have been hauling it around with me ever since. Every time I pack for a move, I look at it closely, examine its dimensions... I just can't give it away. So I give myself an ultimatum: Wear it NOW or it has to go. So in an effort to justify it staying in my closet...

The Lion Head Belt Outfit

red plaid shirt: "the past"
black cardigan: thrifted Benetton
"trouser jeans": Mossimo/Target
black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction
lion head belt: thrifted
clear blue glasses: Zenni Optical

*note: I did not include "shoes" in this discussion.

13 March 2010

Staying Neutral

I put the socks on earlier as a temporary, purely utilitarian measure, but I liked the textural contrast it has with the silver shoes.

My cat's eyes look creepy and my eyes are closed. What a day!

creme t-shirt: American Apparel
cocoon sweater: Urban Outfitters
black jeans: "the past"
silver shoes: BCBG via eBay
brown socks: Target via Mom

The Spring Break

I went to Alabama last week! I only have one outfit photo from the trip (taken while visiting my alma mater). Next time I wear this shirt, I'll have to capture the details, it's amazing!

doggie blouse: thrifted
cocoon sweater: Urban Outfitters
jeans: Levis
black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction

06 March 2010

Get Vertical


Thought I would share the rainbow layered cupcakes that Katherine and I made this afternoon as well what I wore tonight.

blue sweater: Target
striped dress: adopted
sheer tights: American Apparel
black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction
owl locket: gift from Danielle

04 March 2010

Establishing Patterns

Maybe I should rename this blog "The Many Faces of the Purple Grandpa Cardigan."
I probably use it so much because it's the only bright colored cardigan I have, but it's had a life of its own this Winter.
Striped t-shirts seem to have had a moment recently. I may not have noticed for a while because, well, I love striped t-shirts. If you watched me thrifting, you would see that I take a good look at every striped t-shirt on the rack. Someone recently looked at my closet and said, "I see stripes and plaid." That's about right. (The plaid is a different story, to be addressed)
My love affair with the striped t-shirt began in elementary school. My "go-to outfit" was an over-sized two-toned striped purple t-shirt that I wore with "matching" purple bike shorts (lace-trimmed?). Since then I have been accumulating striped t's like crazy. The combination of "1970's little boys' wardrobe" and "chic" that the striped t encapsulates is irresistible.

purple sweater: Old Navy via clothing trade with Mom
striped t-shirt: Gap sale rack '07
jeans: Levi's
creamy sweatshirt-coat: Old Navy circa '07 (a good year?)
black flats: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Thank you Rachel for taking the photos on campus today!

28 February 2010

A Peek at Spring

The bright sunshine gave me an excuse to try out a new pair of sandals today. I am looking forward to full-blown barefoot weather, but I must wait...
Friedrich and I had a nice big breakfast, I had a meeting on campus, now it's grocery shopping time and preparing for the week to come!

purple flower dress: Free People
gray leggings: Gap
black cardigan: Target
branch sandals: Urban Outfitters
red bracelet: triple-wrapped knot rosary

25 February 2010

Comfy Thursday

I was really a rumpled mess by the time I got home tonight. Alas, my goal is to document my clothes no matter what condition I am in. I was partially productive today, but Thursdays are long and I am worn out. It was chilly this morning, so I opted for a comfy combo that included pants and socks!

plaid shirt: thrifted
mens' cashmere sweater: Old Navy sale rack
jeans: Gap
moccasins: Minnetonka
locket: Etsy seller: herprettybird

24 February 2010

Errand Wednesday

Lady at post office (looking at passport photo): "You're cute. You look really studious, then you let your hair down and take those glasses off, it's a whole different party!"

Today was a good no-class day. Friedrich and I slept in after I promised myself that I would get up early. The bed was a perfectly toasted marshmallow cloud and I could not get out. We went to the post office downtown to process my passport and stopped at Lit, the restaurant supply store, on the way back. I spent a little time at school and went out to celebrate Rachel's successful thesis proposal defense (Hi, Rachel!).

This post introduces my watch, "First Naked Lady."
Also, I ordered these tights thinking that they were navy, they are actually really bright and I like it!

Take care out there!

pale blue oxford: thrifted Banana Republic
horse print skirt: Urban Outfitters
"navy" tights: We Love Colors
silver shoes: BCBG via eBay
brown coat: J. Crew via eBay
Eve watch: Swatch
mood bracelet: ?
clementine: Cuties

23 February 2010

Life as a Giant

I'm only 5'6", but in the photos Katherine took in her apartment today, I am precariously out of proportion.

Nothing more to report really, just "trying to stay afloat." Oh, Spring Break, don't let me down.

teal sweater dress: TJ Maxx
gray leggings: Gap
red boots: Dr. Martens via eBay
glass beads: gift from Zak (hi, Zak!)

22 February 2010

Silly Day

The photos came out quite silly and the day followed suit. I'm just going to go to sleep now.

Blonde Redhead t-shirt: gift from Friedrich
purple sweater: Old Navy via clothing trade with Mom
jeans: Levi's
platform ankle boots: Payless
necklace: gift from Mom (Hi, Mom!)